Best Hispanic movies of 2012

I love this list of movies!! Love Latino fims.. heres a great top 100 list as well please let me know what you think!! r

NBC Latino

With the movie award season upon us, there is no shortage of movie lists being dispersed within the media hemisphere pronouncing of names of the usual suspects such as Steven Spielberg, Denzel Washington and Robert DeNiro. So we decided to do our own version as well — a Hispanic movie list version outlining the best Latino Movies of 2012.

But in order to develop a list like this, we must first define what a Hispanic movie is. The conventional answer is a film that has a Latino story, a Latino cast, and ideally, a Latino director, with language being irrelevant. But since Hollywood does not green-light enough Hispanic scripts, that answer needs to be broadened to also include any actor/actress or director who has a prominent role in a mainstream film. When you evaluate all the films within this criteria, 2012 represented some great Hispanic moments in movies that left…

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