Pulse Pounding, Heart Stopping Action Movies

Some Of The Best Action Movies Of All Time



(Contains some spoliers)

Who can resist the thrills and spills of a great action movie? There are few film fans who do not enjoy settling into a comfortable seat in a dark theater with a giant sized hot buttered popcorn and a jumbo Coke as the opening titles begin to roll on the latest Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger epic. Join us as we examine a selection of fast paced films that feature heroic men and women, armed with the latest military hardware. Enjoy their antics as they do their best to overcome impossible odds in a desperate struggle to save the day or die trying.

1. Die Hard – As a hard charging, foul mouthed, angst ridden cop named John McClane, Bruce Willis manages to fight his way barefoot through flames and piles of broken glass as he takes on an army of heavily armed terrorists in the Nakatomi Tower. McClane curses up a storm, kills all the bad guys, frees the hostages and wins back his estranged wife; all in less than two hours. He emerges from the wreckage bloody, battered and unbowed. Yippie, Ki Yay MotherFu**er!

2. The Terminator – In a long overdue change of roles, the hero of this film is a slightly paranoid woman named Sarah Conners, who teams up with a man from the future to stop a killer android with a bad attitude. The movie stars a youthful Arnold Schwarzenegger in all his muscular glory as the terminator robot sent to the past to kill the unsuspecting heroine, played to perfection by Linda Hamilton. Michael Biehn joins the fun as Hamilton’s doomed would be rescuer and love interest.

3. Raiders Of The Lost Ark – Combining Biblical stories and pre-World War Two bad guys, director Steven Spielberg partnered with producer George Lucas to create the first chapter of a hugely popular and financially successful action film series. Modeled on the classic film heros of the golden age of Hollywood, actor Hamilton Ford plays college professor and treasure hunter, Indiana Jones. The erstwhile Dr. Jones is pursued by savage native headhunters, mysterious women, and angry Nazi archaeologists who want to use the Ark as a radio to talk to G*d.

4. Aliens – James Cameron directed this outstanding sequel to the all time great horror movie, Alien. The second film in the series, Aliens took the franchise in a completely new direction as an action movie set in outer space. Sigourney Weaver returns to portray the no nonsense heroine, Ripley, who must overcome a planet full of deadly xenomorphs and survive the manipulations of the all-powerful corporation that wants to convert the acid blooded monsters into weapons. Loaded with creepy crawly creatures, and greedy corporate executives who will sacrifice anyone who gets in the way, Ripley becomes the ultimate female action hero as she leads a squad of jumpy space marines in a desperate battle for survival.

5. Lethal Weapon – Not only is Lethal Weapon a great action movie, but it is a highly enjoyable buddy film starring the ultimate odd couple of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Mel steals the show as a suicidal, crazy cop teamed up with a veteran detective and family man played by Glover. Bullets fly everywhere as Gibson constantly throws himself in harm’s way and Glover tries desperately to keep up. Loaded with shootouts, torture scenes, chases, and evil villains, Lethal Weapon is a thrill a minute action classic.

These are just a few of the dozens of great action flicks. Most of these films are available from several sources, including DVD, Netflix and Google, which allows you to view them from the comfort of home. What could be more fun then curling up on the sofa with a close friend and enjoying one of your favorite pulse pounding, heart stopping action movies. Popcorn is optional.


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