Best Action Movies Of All Time

You're in the Movies

You’re in the Movies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since time immemorial, fans of movies have enjoyed seeing plenty of action on their screens. People enjoy watching actors who are heroes fighting to win over the bad people. Over the past few decades, the film industry has experienced tremendous advances as far as the quality of pictures and stunts are concerned. While this has changed how movies are made, it by no means has affected people’s love for some of the best action movies of all time. The list of these movies keeps on changing as many more are being made. However, there are those action movies that will always make it to the list no matter who compiles it and which demographic is surveyed. This can probably be attributed to the story being told, that appeals to people of all lifestyles and age.

No list containing the best action movies of all time would be complete without having the Terminator movies in them. These movies featuring a hero who fought to save earth from invading robots make for some of the best graphics movie fans have ever seen. The terminator movies redefined how movies featuring aliens and cyborgs were made. So popular were the movies that they ended up sparking off a few series that acted as either prequels or sequels of the main story. You should always include them as part of your action movies list.

The Bond movies should also be included in all action lists. The number of movies made to date has been quite many with most fans of the British spy agent 007 touting Casino Royale as one of the best Bond movies ever made. The appeal of this hero does not seem to fade. If you want to enjoy all these movies, you would do well to clear your calendar and have a marathon viewing session. It will definitely be overwhelming, but well worth your time.

Almost all Batman movies would qualify to be included as part of the best action movies of all time. The movies, featuring a self-made extremely rich hero in the form of batman have appealed to countless of movie fans of all generations. The enigma that is batman seems to appeal to people who want a hero whose struggles they can identify with.

The list of action movies that have their place in the history of the cinema is quite long. The three examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Getting a list of the best action movies of all time that suits your preferences is something that only you can do by using various movie related websites and blogs as your guide.


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